Hi! Welcome to my blog, Recapturing Catholicism. My name is Andrew Morgan and I hope this fills you in on what this is all about.

I was raised in a Protestant family and a Protestant school and so I grew up with a lot of misperceptions about Catholicism. Going into my first year of college, God moved me to examine the Catholic Church for myself. As I did, I discovered a lot of prejudices I had held were unfounded. It got to the point where I had no good reason to not be Catholic any longer.

Later on, I was sharing my testimony with some peers and at the end I shared that I hoped to use my experience to reconcile Catholics and Protestants. One girl said, “That’s so cool!! I would totally support that ministry!!” I laughed because I had no intentions of actually starting a ministry or anything; but with further encouragement from others to share my findings, I decided to start this blog (and who knows, maybe someday it could become an organized ministry.)

My goal in writing here is to convey a couple things:

  • The story of my transition to Catholicism
  • The true and false of Catholic stereotypes
  • Clear up uniquely Catholic doctrines that I’ve had to process in my transition
  • Share the richness of the Christ in the Catholic Church that I continue to reap and benefit from in an increasing myriad of ways
  • Find the solution for the split church (a little wishful, but one can hope)

Also in doing this I aim to keep the tone light and conducive to inviting dialogue, instead of divisive attitudes that would defeat the entire purpose of this project. I would ask the same of my readers, knowing it can be so easy to quarrel over such topics I may be addressing.

From my perspective as a new Catholic, I get to see two intriguing and unfortunate things: Protestants can tend to get caught up on all the ritual and ceremony of the Catholic Church; and on the flip side, Catholics (especially those born into it) tend to accept the ritual and ceremony as good in itself but for no transcendent reason. It is my hope that I can help both peoples see how central Christ is in the  Catholic Church.

My goal is to post weekly, probably on Saturday nights.

I hope you enjoy reading and also are edified in your faith (or not if you’re just an outsider that’s intellectually curious, that’s cool too.)

Peace in Christ,

Andrew Morgan